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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Ouatic-7? The Name Rings a Vague Bell...

Noko wanted entertainment. Here is my poor offering, a dream I had last week...

I was conversing with a black gentleman about my age. He was mourning the loss of Barry White.

O-7: Wasn't he the publisher of The Daily Planet?

BW Fan: ....

BW Fan: No.

Sometime later, in the dream, I had a headdesk moment:

O-7: Perry White! Perry White! Perry White!

In addition, here are two quizzes:

Homonym, homonym, homonym....

Homonyms and Confusables, Part Deux

These are on the Trib site; hopefully you won't need to register and such.

I aced Part Deux but only got 50% on the first one. I blame this on taking it while I was talking to pilgham on the phone. Of course I was talking to him during the 2nd one as well...

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I should post something too. Very awkward moment there, in your dream.

P says he's had dreams like that.

At least we didn't come to blows.

A good think since hitting someone in a dream is always in slow-mo, very frustrating.

Well, in my case, the few times I remember trying to do violence in a dream it always ended badly for me.

Slo-mo would be a step up.

Not really, I have those too, like hitting with no strength: paff, paff, no reaction from your opponent.

I think I would be confused by a dream reference to Barry White. Hell, I'd be dismayed by a dream reference to Barry Manelow.

I would definitely be dismayed at dreaming about Barry Manilow! Ick!

I'm sorry I mentioned it. It's upsetting me.

Damn, the birds have knocked the feeder down again and now they're dive bombing the windows.

Shit, man, Barry and Copa Cabana was some great stuff. That's what kitty is dancing to.

The first quiz got me a few places! I wrote 'shoe in'??? Did better in the second but then my internet stalled - virus embedded in quiz no doubt.


All your computer are belong to us!

As long as you allow me access once in awhile to check LJ.

Just so you know, you ruined my day with those quizzes. :P

Misery loves company?

remember Barry White said "I love you, baby"
Perry White said "Type Faster people!"

Now you tell me?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Jackie Cooper and Lane Smith both trump spiders. I will let you keep them.

What you need is a cat that doesn't mind the off-taste of the weird light.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

As a lifelong (40+ years) cat person, I'm happy to proselytize...

But they do scratch, bite and spit up hairballs. The amount of scratching and biting varies from cat to cat. Evil will take almost any amount of abusesqueezles before she resorts to violence while Boo can be happily purring and then turn on me. Though he's always very shamefaced after.

Hairballs are a constant.

Not that I want to discourage you from getting a cat or anything...

Hmm, 70% on both of them, I never was very good at spelling, but you knew that already.

You did better than I on the first one probably because a lot of it is etymology. I think the second one may be more spelling oriented.

And there, me with a tattered old thesaurus within easy reach, but I held firm and just got 'em wrong.

Not to mention the word wide web.

No, no, that really would have been cheating.