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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
20th Anniversary Today

O-7: How should we celebrate?

Pilgham: By watching the Tunnel of Love episode of Avatar.

And we did and that's why we are still married after all these years.

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Aww, Tunnel of Love! I haven't watched a whole lot of Avatar, but I have seen that one. :)

Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you guys were made for one another!

We have a nice overlap of our hobbies with sufficient difference that we usually have something to talk about.

Also, he still makes me laugh.

Twenty years and he wants to celebrate by watching an anime-inspired cartoon? Perfect. Absolutely perfect. (Why can't I find a guy like that? *pouts*)

Happy Anniversary! Twenty years and still going strong. It warms the cockles of my heart. ^____^

Thank you!

I'm just fantabulously lucky, I guess.

Awwww, congratulations!!!

I so need to find a man who will watch Avatar with me! XD

Thanks much!

It is a really good episode!

Maybe you can find someone otherwise interesting and convert him?

Happy anniversary! What a nice way to spend it. :)


Well, I also was reading the new (in translation) FMP novel and boozing it up.

even better!

Happy Anniversary :D

Thank you much!

Congratulations! We've got our 20th coming up next week. :) Yes, anime keeps couples together -- if a working sample of two can prove the theory.

Shared interests are definitely the nummilicious icing on the cake.

Avitar? Happy anniversary.


Thank you!

Congratulations, O. Wow, 20 years. And you and Pilgham were, like, made for each other.

Only 8 more days to the new season.

You're as bad as my kids. They've been crossing off the calendar (my Rurouni Kenshin calendar! *hiss*) since the beginning of the month.

Actually, I think they have to wait until the 22nd for the new season up here, but I'm not telling them that. Gotta have some leverage.

Now it's only 7 and a HALF more days!!!!

I can totally picture you wriggling with barely-repressed Zuko-lust as you typed that.

This is a true story. You and O will get a kick out of this.

Mick got me Book one for no reason. Sami has a DVD player in her room, and she likes to watch TV as she falls asleep.

Sam: Momma, I want to watch Avatar.
Me: OKay, which disc do you want to watch.
Sam: *thinks* The one with Zuko.
Me: *grin* Okay. Which one with Zuko?
Sami: It just has to have Zuko in it.
Me: That's my girl.
Mick: *rolls his eyes, because she really is my daughter*

I wish I could say the same. My daughter has a thing for Sokka.

Sokka has his own appeal. He's pretty cunning and funny; pity he's a bit of a hound dog.

"I don't want to be a wet blanket but Katara's busy."

*glee* Whatta guy!

Congratulations on your 20th!

Finest kind!


You two do seem to play well together. You're such a great couple sometimes I even feel a twinge of guilt for our forbidden internet love.

Pilgham just loves my betaing outfit.

What a guy! So supportive. :)