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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Bitch? Bitch? Bitch?

Why do I always have to enter track info for the CDs pilgham asks me to rip?

OK, I'm exaggerating. I only had to enter track info for two out of nine CDs. But, still... it's not like they were in Japanese or anything.

For the curious, the two CDs were:
Noel Coward at Las Vegas
Great Speckled Bird

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I guess some record labels don't bother to include track info on their CD's. Maybe they don't expect people will be ripping Noel Coward. (Is that a comedy CD? I only know him as an actor. And what's Great Speckled Bird?)


Country rock circa 1970. P also had me to rip a 4 CD set of Ian and Sylvia (members of Great Speckled Bird).


Apparently Coward was a playwright and song writer, as well. The CD is from a live performance at (I think) the Desert Inn and contains standards, like Porter, and his own works. P was listening to a mystery where Coward sleuthed during his one month stint in Vegas and this inspired him to get the CD .

Okay, I should have remembered GSB--Ian and Sylvia are in "Festival Express," the DVD of which I got for Christmas last year. I need to watch that again.

And yeah, apparently Noel Coward was very multi-talented. According to the wiki article your CD must be the one mentioned of his cabaret performance.

I'm liking the Ian & Sylvia. I haven't been listening to the words but the tunes appeal.

When I saw the title of this post, I thought you were trying to get my attention. ~_^

Well, I was. That's the purpose of a title, after all. But, not necessarily you specifically, if that's what you mean.

Indeed, that is what I meant. ^_^

I'm pretty lazy about putting those in, so now we have a whole section of lazy-born mystery music.