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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Have I mentioned I have a hole in my bathroom wall? I came in one evening, saw it and asked, "Who punched a hole in the wall?"

I was surprised to hear that I had punched a hole in the wall as I had no recollection of such a thing.

On further discussion it developed that pilgham had first observed the hole when he pulled his elbow out of it.

Mood: nerdynormal

Huh?... That is quite puzzling... errr... why was honey's elbow in hole?

He slipped.

smiles... we are not going to ask... Might hurt ourselves... (can't be worse than seeing your Dad brush his teeth with X-Strength A5-35...

Hmmmmm. Blanking out violence, eh? That can't be good.

No, and why was I punching the bathroom wall and not some deserving party?

Of course, it couldn't be you.

Of course not, my violence is restricted to verbiage.

Was he in a fit of rage?

No. Perhaps he did not fit in the area into which he slipped.

You know no fear.

Noko is correct. pilgham is not a small guy.

Um, a good size, I would say.

And doesn't know his own strength! Stay away from those elbows.

How big was the hole? Maybe its a passage way to an alternate universe!?

I think it is. That must be how the tiny, dodgy aliens got here.